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Specialty: Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Location: London, Canada

MindSetting exists to increase access to quality psychotherapy through both direct patient care and practitioner training. MindSetting psychotherapists are trained to provide a variety of evidence-based approaches including, when appropriate, psychedelic therapy.

Remedy - Psychedelic Integration


Remedy is a clinical psychotherapy practice and home for research into the use of MDMA in treating PTSD. While Remedy does not offer Psychedelic Therapy outside the context of research, their clinicians do offer support and integration of psychedelic experiences for individuals who have experienced them elsewhere.

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Ovid Clinics

Ovid Clinics feature ketamine infusions, which are supervised by medical doctors specializing in anesthesiology, along with psychotherapy conducted by therapists licensed in depth psychotherapy.

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Hive uses integrated therapies for mental, emotional and physical health around the world. This includes a special diet, no drugs or alcohol, a medical examination, and an individual program.

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Save Minds


Save Minds infusion Center uses new and innovative therapy for mood and pain disorders, and treatment-resistant patients.

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Awakn Clinic London


Awakn clinics deliver Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy as a treatment for mental health and addiction. Their approach combines talk therapy with sessions assisted by ketamine, and is aimed specifically at treating addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and PTSD.

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