Jenn, founder of Young Bones

Meet Young Bones founder Jenn Hovinga

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We love bone broth for its solid nutrient profile and soothing qualities, and when we were sourcing some for our cafe menu, Toronto-based Young Bones was the clear winner.

In addition to being local, they share our passion for thoughtful production and quality ingredients. The beef, pork, and chicken they use for their broth is all organic grass-fed or pasture-raised, and their water is collected from a fresh water spring in Belfountain, Ontario. Jenn and her team actually hike up to the spring to collect the water for each batch of broth themselves.

We sat down with Jenn to get the scoop on what inspired her to start the company, why people should try bone broth, and her favourite ways to use it.

What inspired you to start your company?

I worked in the salon industry for over 20 years, and most days it was hard to fit in a good meal or even find time to eat at all. Bone broth or soups were the easiest to drink in between clients.

Then when the pandemic hit, places closed and I couldn’t get bone broth anywhere. So I started making it at home for myself, which eventually led to my business!

What’s the story behind the brand name?

It’s a play on words, because bone broth helps keep your bones healthy and strong.

Why do you think people give bone broth a try? What are some of the benefits?

Bone broth supports healthy joints and gut health, and helps maintain healthy skin and nails. It also assists in immune system function and is a great source of amino acids.

For people who haven’t had bone broth before, what are some easy ways to incorporate it into their diet?

  • In the morning before your coffee to heal the gut
  • As a snack to help with cravings throughout the day
  • Before or after workouts, it’s a great source of electrolytes
  • With adaptogenic mushrooms to make a superfood broth
  • At night to help with sleep
  • As a healthy way to break a fast

Which of your products is your favourite?

Definitely our Bone Marrow Butter. The roasted bone marrow mixed into butter with garlic and chives… so smooth and creamy. It’s also a great addition to the broth when blended to make a latte!



Table of Contents