Author: David Carpenter


Taking The Body Off The Mind With Immersion Therapy

There’s no need for Wi-Fi when you do immersion therapy in a float tank. No chirping notifications or multitasking. And sometimes there’s not even a you. What initially began in the 1950s as scientific research examining the benefits of sensory

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When Substances Conflict With Existing Medication

“What have I done?” thought Michael Gomez, rifling through his medicine cabinet in the full throes of a hallucinatory mind-scramble on psilocybin mushrooms. “Absolutely nothing felt right,” he says. He had gone Mach speed into a psychedelic trip after he

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Is Psychedelic Therapy safe?

Kendra Broward recalls vividly how she was utterly captivated by a carved wooden bowl in her hands during a session of psychedelic therapy. She was in awe of it, inspecting the tiny lines and shapes intersecting at odd angles. “I

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