Author: Tom Buchanan


How Psilocybin Is Helping Athletes with CTE

In 2007, a neuropathologist named Bennett Omalu performed an autopsy on the body of former Pittsburgh Steelers center “Iron” Mike Webster, an NFL Hall of Famer whose reputation as an inhumanly tough lineman was marred by a retirement filled with

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TRIP Protocol: A New Standard for Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic research has always been a decentralized field, and not entirely by choice. Advancements (like the TRIP Protocol) on how psychedelics can help patients suffering from conditions like depression, PTSD, and traumatic disorders (even where conventional medication has failed) have

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Framed mushroom art

How Fungi-Inspired Art Helps us Understand Life

“I have come to the conclusion that much can be learned about music by devoting oneself to the mushroom,” wrote the avant-garde composer John Cage in 1954. Cage was not the last artist to take on mushrooms as teachers. Mushrooms

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