Nova Scotia company conducting a clinical trial to examine psilocybin as treatment for PTSD

Halucenex, located in Windsor, Nova Scotia, is in the midst of a clinical trial examining psilocybin as a potential treatment for PTSD. Trial participants include doctors, therapists, first responders, and veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD. The group of 20 patients will receive a microdose (10mg) of synthetic psilocybin, followed by a lager dose (25mg) one week later.

Brenda Perks, an experienced nurse who will guide participants through the experience told CBC news that the trial is aimed at reducing fear and stigmas associated with psychedelic medicine:

“By doing the trials, we’re hoping to remove the fears and anxieties around so-called psychedelic drugsā€¦that’s what we’re hoping to gain is more support around that so that we can remove some old ways of thinking around psychedelics.”

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